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We must renew our view on childhood

Like in all literature, that of children’s genre is also threatened by commonplaces that can truncate the pleasure of reading in little ones.

Going back to poetry set me free from the image

Known specially for being a children’s literature author, Micaela Chirif is also a poet. Even more, she first published poetry. In this interview she tells us about her experience that led her to reconnect with poetry through an illustrated album book project.

How do you make an informative book?

Workshop talk with Micaela Chirif and Loreto Salinas about the process of Peruvian Animals.

We must renew our view on childhood

RPP Noticias talked with writer Micaela Chirif about her new illustrated album book “A song I don’t know” and ways to fight the stereotypes that affect children’s literature.

Against bad children’s literature

Faced with low-quality literary texts for children, the writer proposes improving school’s reading plans and a greater investment in public libraries.

Children’s literature is viewed with contempt

The author won the Hispano-American Children’s Poetry Prize, organized by the Fundación de las Letras Mexicanas. An award that joins the German White Raven for “Inside a Zebra”

Feminism came to children’s literature to turn it upside down

The Peruvian writer of children’s books, Micaela Chirif, tells from her experience how feminized characters have an increasingly leading role. For her, it is necessary to stop considering children’s literature as an extension of the maternal role.

Children’s literature allows you to explore freely

The latest edition of the book “In the form of words”, illustrated by Gabriel Alayza and written by Micaela Chirif, arrives at her door. Immediately, the author begins to leaf through the pages…

The inner mastodon

A boy who lives with a mastodon and insists on taming it. This is the starting point of the extraordinary illustrated album for which Micaela Chirif and Issa Watanabe won the XVII edition of “A la Orilla del Viento”…

The gift of making children’s books

Micaela Chirif is one of the most outstanding creators of Peruvian children’s literature […] her book ¿Dónde está Tomás? (Where is Thomas?) (Ediciones Ekaré, 2016), illustrated by Leire Salaberria, was chosen as one of the winners of the Fundación Cuatrogatos Award 2017…

Micaela Chirif and the genesis of everyday life
After her visit to the Quito Book Fair, Peruvian writer Micaela Chirif visits Chile as part of the 28th Providencia Children’s Book Fair…

Where is Thomas?
The Peruvian writer once again dazzles us in an illustrated album book with her dry and poetic pen. This time, accompanied by Spanish illustrator Leire Salaberria, builds a story where mother and son explore imaginary worlds…

My crazy wonderful grandma
This is not just a simple children’s story. It tells us about the dormant madness of grandmothers who keep secrets, and loves that they remember next to their grandchildren…

That dance between the grandmother and the diver will go down in the history of the genre for expressing in all its simplicity, in all its intelligence, and in all its mystery something that we know but that we cannot express…

The Minoan distance

“The third section of ‘Any Sky’ by Micaela Chirif contains nine poems about death. Those nine poems are exceptional and must be one of the best series of poems on any subject in a long time…

Upon my pillow a head
Loss is experienced without fanfare, almost modestly, and thus the everyday becomes a leitmotif, a way of vindicating love through day to day life…

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